About Romboid

Hello, I am Romboid, a musician and producer, specialized in electronic music, Modular Techno, IDM and Ambient, made with hardware. I have also signed productions such as Pablo Malatesta.

I am a composer and producer who mainly develops electronic music outside of commercial circles, mixing the experimental and complex, improvisation and maintaining a great melodic component. Mainly using modular physical instruments, Elektron, Moog etc. following the dawless trend both in performance and in recording and composition.



Music Label: PVC (Petite Victory Collective)

Romboid is currently publishing work through the Danish/European label Petite Victory Collective. A label specialized in avant-garde, creative and experimental electronic music, with an emphasis on artists also Dawless, specializing in hardware.






I come from the music scene since 2000, where I have formed bands like De Vito, Experimentos In Da Notte, Sullivans, Ok Co and more projects, and shared experiences and stage with Copiloto, Estige, Cistitis and the Pajer and many other musicians, from styles from electronic to rock.

In more than 200 concerts I have mainly worked with guitars, basses and synthesizers, although one of my tasks that stands out is musical production, being responsible for recording, production and mixing of most of the publications of my own projects, as well as several songs and other people’s albums, to be highlighted at the level of recognition of ‘El Miedo’ by Copiloto, Best PMA album (Aragonese Music Awards) 2015.

Studio and Gear

I use synthesizers, both analog and digital, Eurorack modular material, production, sampling and hardware sequencing (following postulates of the Dawless movement, which avoids the use of computers as a creative centerpiece due to the lack of feeling, mouse control and dependence on the screen), I am also enthusiastic about using Moog, Elektron, Mutable instruments, and in general the entire modular machine scene, among others.

Current Creative Styles:

_Melodic Techno
_IDM / Electronics
_Ambient, sound design, music for installations-exhibitions.
_Experimental electronics


Musicians and Producers like  Trent Reznor, Steevio, Berlin Techno, Colin Benders, Stephan Bodzin, el Thom Yorke más experimental, Portishead, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Moderat, Ehsan Gelsi, TAET, Boodaman, How to Destroy Angels…